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DOWNLOAD [PDF] {EPUB} Be with Me Always: Essays

Be with Me Always: Essays by Randon Billings Noble

Book Be with Me Always: Essays

Download Be with Me Always: Essays PDF

Be with Me Always: Essays

Be with Me Always: Essays Randon Billings Noble ebook

  • Page: 186
  • Format: pdf
  • ISBN: 9781496205049
  • Publisher: UNP - Nebraska

Be with Me Always: Essays Randon Billings Noble ebook

“Be with me always—take any form—drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” Thus does Heathcliff beg his dead Cathy in Wuthering Heights. He wants to be haunted—he insists on it. Randon Billings Noble does too. Instead of exorcising the ghosts of her past, she hopes for their cold hands to knock at the window and to linger. Be with Me Always is a collection of essays that explore hauntedness by considering how the ghosts of our pasts cling to us. In a way, all good essays are about the things that haunt us until we have somehow embraced or understood them. Here, Noble considers the ways she has been haunted—by a near-death experience, the gaze of a nude model, thoughts of widowhood, Anne Boleyn’s violent death, a book she can’t stop reading, a past lover who shadows her thoughts—in essays both pleasant and bitter, traditional and lyrical, and persistently evocative and unforgettable.  

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